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Our Partners

This competition would not have been possible without the support of our partners. Thank you!

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Mental Health Foundation

The Mental Health Foundation is a charity that works towards creating a society free from discrimination, where all people enjoy can positive mental health and wellbeing. They are a key mental health and wellbeing related organisation in New Zealand and have done amazing work to spreading awareness about mental health.

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2024 Mental Health
Awareness Week

Mental Health Awareness Week is an annual celebration of mental health in New Zealand since 1993. It is run by the Mental Health Foundation. Every day of the week has a different theme with related activities to do. Throughout the week, there are also a variety of amazing events that happen through New Zealand. 


Toni Finlayson

The year 2020 has been a crazy and challenging one for us all. Some of you may now be struggling to leave the house you are feeling so anxious, or are feeling constantly down and tearful, or quick to become angry and irritated. Sometimes just talking to someone new in a confidential, safe space can help.


Toni is a relaxed and friendly counsellor based in Central Auckland and have her own experience of anxiety, depression and addiction.  She works with young people to put together a toolkit of strategies to help you get back on track to wellness and to help you be your best self.  


Toni am delighted to support the NZMHAEC. Writing about your experiences can be a therapeutic and healing process. She wishes all the competitors good luck and good mental health.


Seiko Shirai

Seiko is a psychotherapist and hypnotherapist based in Auckland.


Seiko moved from Japan to Aotearoa by herself back in 2002. While she was outspoken and cheerful, she struggled with the emotional pain of not being able to fit in and her reduced sense of self in NZ. Seiko despised her difference which made her feel alienated and incompetent. The turning point was her psychotherapy training alongside her Buddhist practice.


Both practices helped Seiko to accept her difference as her uniqueness. Deep acceptance of who she really was emerged through the grief that she had undeniable limitations in this country. At the moment of full acceptance of herself, her deepest grief turned into the deepest compassion for her life and that of others. As she started showing up as who she was, more and more people also started breaking out of their shell and living true to themselves. Seiko finds it really moving to see a joyful ripple effect around her.


It is Seiko's passion to promote a way of living that brings our unique flower into full blossom and to spread the joy of life together.


Resilience Psychology

Resilience Psychology are a team of experienced psychologists, based in Ponsonby, Auckland. We work with children, youth, young adults and adults, not only to help overcome existing challenges but to build skills that will help them deal with the everyday stressors and situations that we all face. We love working with youth to make long-lasting changes and to help them learn skills that stay with them for life.

As mental health providers, we’re on the front line of support to New Zealander’s suffering from a range of mental health issues. While awareness around these issues and the support options available to kiwis continues to grow, we have a long way to go. 


We believe seeking support for mental health issues should be seen in the same way as going to your GP or Personal Trainer and therefore Resilience Psychology is proud to support initiatives such as the Mental health Essay competition, to facilitate this needed change in culture, particularly with youth.


Eunice Choi

Eunice is an MNZAC & ACC registered Professional Counsellor.


 Eunice has a passion for supporting people’s efforts to overcome life challenges through collaborative and integrative counselling practice. She works with adolescents and adults dealing with issues around anxiety, depression, cultural issues, grief and loss and trauma. Eunice is able to understand people’s lives from broad perspectives and possibilities, not only through her counselling experience but also her life and work experience. Eunice currently works for the Grief Centre and in private practice. She offers counselling in Korean language as well as in English.


Eunice is supporting this competition to help young people struggling with mental health problems, so they can have hope again. 

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