New Zealand Mental Health Awareness Essay Competition

Let's talk about mental health

Welcome to the official site of the New Zealand Mental Health Awareness Essay Competition

The New Zealand Mental Health Essay Competition is an essay competition for young people aged 13-18 to talk about mental health.


This competition was created in collaboration with the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand and will be officially launching during Mental Health Awarness Week 2020. 


Mental health has become a silent pandemic amongst youth both globally and locally. Not only has COVID-19 made it worse, but issues such as social stigma and discrimination have added to the fire. This means people cannot reach out for help when they need it. Despite this, mental health is still an issue that is overlooked and under-discussed. 

The first step towards overcoming social stigma and discrimination surrounding mental health is getting people to know more about mental health and talking about it. Only by doing this, can it allow further steps to be taken. Therefore, the goal of NZMHAEC is to spark conversation among youth about mental health, in order to work towards breaking down the social stigma that surrounds mental health.